Arrested two Congolese who hacked French President Sarkozy's account

"Cyber ​​criminals stole money from President Nicolas Sarkozy's personal account" was reported in various places, but it seems that the criminal was caught. Two Congolese people were arrested and it seems that President Sarkozy was informed to the authorities last month because of 'theft of theft'.

By the way, the image above is a former supermodel, Mrs. Sarkozy's first ladyCala Bruniis.

What on earth happened? Details are as below.
President Sarkozy's bank account, will be hacked (Asahi Shimbun): President Sarkozy, a net fraud that is withdrawn as a deposit - International Approve unauthorized access spokesperson to President Bank account

President's bank information is stolen - impersonation damage - ITmedia News

"President, Fraudulent Deposit withdrawal" News i - TBS video news site

President Sarkozy said in September 2008 that it was damaged via Internet banking, according to reports in various places. A small amount has been drawn out to confirm the survival of the account, apparently that the password was leaked.

As a result of investigation by the investigation authority desperately, as a result, we arrested two Congolese living around Paris. The purpose was to "contract multiple mobile phones".

Even so, I am worried about how you obtained the password of the president's account by whatever means ... ....

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