All menus conquered at "Linebarrels Cafe"

We had an opportunity to visit "Linebarrels Cafe" in Akihabara, a cafe with temporary special menu to commemorate the anime adaption of "Kurogane no Linebarrels".

Here is our gastronomic conquest.
Six menus for "Linebarrels Cafe".

Pamphlet of "Kurogane no Linebarrels" was distributed.

The order arrived at once.

"Handbill sushi of President Ishigami"

"Misterious Opera". Sweet chocolate cake comes with sour raspberry sauce. Dedicated to the sweet-but-not-just-sweet heroine, Emi Shirozaki.

"Risako's Special Cupcake" Caramel flavored sweet potato with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

"Sweet caramel mocha of Satoru". Almost not bitter at all, sweet and milky, accentuated by caramel sauce.

"Ore-sama, Okosama Orange CALPIS" is a milkish orange drink for Koichi Hayase. Ultra-sweet, for the childish hero.

"Coffee Coke for Head of the Special Mission Unit". Sweetness of Coke disappears, and tastes like carbonated coffee.

All six menu at once might be challenging your digestion ability. May be a good idea to bring a friend with you or go there exteremely hungry in case you plan to conquer all menu.

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