There is also an animation scenario of TYPE-MOON "428 - Shielded Shibuya at ~ ~", Trial case entrance trial gifts when playing on the test stand

In the Sega booth of Tokyo Game Show 2008, live-action sound Nobel set in Shibuya, reminiscent of the sequel to masterpiece sound novel "Town - Fate of Intersection ~"From 428 to the blocked Shibuya ~"Has been exhibited at Playable and I tried to charge it because a gorgeous trial version will be distributed to those who played.

Details and playback of the movie are from the following.
At the end of the row there is a sample trial version.

Atmospheric atmosphere in the booth.

I play sounds with headphones so I can hear the sound well.

After about ten minutes the test run ends. On the way back, a trial version will be presented.

Package back side.

Contents is like this. It has become a trial version of a luxurious finish in a tall case.

This game that you experience experiences of various people who were in Shibuya on April 28. In the scenario, Nasu mushrooms such as "Fate / stay night" and "sky boundary" made screenplays and Takeuchi Takashi was in charge of character designThere are also bonus scenariosAnd that. Also alreadyAnimationIt is said that it is deciding also, it is a game which is concerned about future movement.

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