Vibration movie of "Straight-wicking city 3-Falling city and her songs" where the earthquake experience machine was set up

A survival action game aimed to escape safely from a city collapsing in a big earthquake "Stolen city 3 - Broken city and her songs -". In the Tokyo Game Show 2008, a corner where an earthquake experience can be seen appears in a "seismic vehicle" that reproduces how much an earthquake actually shakes.

I have been filming movies to see what kind of booth it is.

Details are as below.
At the booth there was a promotional movie.

A panel written with various points of the new work.

The past poster that was stuck in the seismic car was poster.

In the earthquake experience, first experience seismic intensity 4.

Next, the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 which makes the maximum seismic intensity 7.

Finally, the shaking simulated the Tokai earthquake that is predicted to occur in the future.

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