RPG that can enter and adventure in the anime world of Ghibli "Queen of the White World of Ninokuni" Movie Movie

It started today.Tokyo Game Show 2010ofLevel 5 boothSo, fantasy RPG for PS3 which unlimitedly reproduced the beauty of hand-painted animation of Studio Ghibli "Fantasy RPG"The Queen of the White Holy Ash of Nino Kingdom」Exhibited playable and the special goods such as cloth tote bags were distributed to the person who tried to play, the booth with the motif of Goronerle castle appearing in" Nino Kokusai "was crowded with many visitors It was.

Details are as below.Ninokuna | Level Five Inc.

A picture of a level five booth set up at Makuhari Messe Fifth Hole.

The special booth with a motif of Goronaire castle is quite elaborate.

When entering into the inside, the test stand is slippery.

The companion will guide you to the vacant trial base.

Popular with a wide range of people, young and old.

It is a beautiful picture as if watching animation rather than a game.

Playable can be selected from two kinds of scenarios. This place I chose "audience with the cat" edition.
YouTube - "Queen of the White World of Sin Ashes" at the beginning of playable

The battle scene is like this.
YouTube - "Queen of the White World of Sin Ashes" Playable's Battle Scene

This is the ending of "The audience with the feline" edition.
YouTube - "Queen of the White World of Sin Ashes" Ending of Playable

To the way to the exit, framed setting pictures etc were displayed.

Storyboards etc are also collaged.

Setting picture.

Every one was pretty obvious, and many people stopped their legs and was watching.

A special goods' tote bag and 'Level Five super new work' available on the way back.

The back side. Tote bags are made of cloth and can be used as eco-bags, and because it is the size that A4 can fit in, it is convenient to take pamphlets etc. of each booth at the Tokyo Game Show back. I guess this is a place you would definitely like if you are a fan.

The contents of "Level five ep super new work" is like this.

Fantasy RPG for PS3 that you can experience the world as if you are adventuring in Studio Ghibli's anime "The Queen of the White Holy Ash of Nino KingdomIt is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Ninokuna | Level Five Inc.

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