It seems that he is selling sex acting video with Britney Spears

Britney Spears who revived brilliantly with the award of "MTV Video Music Awards" although the singer's activity was in danger of being scandalous in the past few years. It seems that he is trying to spread out a new scandal for such a girl. The content says that he seems to be selling movies in the midst of doing sex acts shot while dating with Britney, he said that it is sold at a ridiculous amount.

It is Britney who announces the new album "Circus" and is planning a world tour, but he came here and seems to have another trouble again.

Details are from the following.
Sex Scandal: Britney Spears to buy own sex tape - Nachrichten English-News - WELT ONLINE

Adnan Ghalib (36 years old) is selling sex act movies with Britney this time. Mr. Adnan Ghalib is also a celebrity, and 2 pictures were taken in the paparazzi 2 shots pictures when socializing. Mr. Adnan said that he has sold video tapes containing sexually active movies to various adult sites with 9 million dollars (about 950 million yen).

The contents recorded on the 2 hour video tape seems to be that Britney wearing a pink wig is doing various sex acts with Adnan Ghalib. This movie seems to be thought that Britney was photographed in Mexico before being mentally ill and hospitalized.

I do not know if the movie is genuine or not because it is not made public, but if it is real it will be going to give a big blow to the image of Britney. Also, I'm curious what Britney Side will do in the future.

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