Driving while e-mail is dangerous than drinking · marijuana driving

There seems to be research results of danger while eating while driving while dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana (marijuana).

I think that I am paying attention to the phone while driving, but is not the danger of e-mail while driving while surprising is not the blind spot?

Details are as below.
According to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), when studying the drivers aged 17 to 24 with a driving simulator, it seems that the reaction is 35% slower in driving while sending mail or reading. Moreover, it is said that 21% when under the influence of marijuana, 12% in the case of drunk driving at the legal limit.

In addition, while driving while e-mail, the handle control ability drops by 91%, it seems to be difficult to keep a safe distance between the car and the surroundings.

According to Nick Reed, researcher at TRL "When the driver is e-mailing, to think about messages such as releasing handles from handles to use mobile phones, reading small letters on the screen, reply It will distract attention from driving. "

Currently, as for marijuana in Japan, there are severe penalties concerning drunk driving as it is out of the question, is it about the same penalty as for e-mail?

Texting while driving 'more dangerous than drugs or alcohol'

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