Hokkaido Limited sale, "Dry smelly carbonation" "Marimokkori Man Otoko Tsubari Cider Black" tasting review

Because I had a chance to go to Hokkaido for a moment, I bought and drank "Himarikkori Man Otoko Tsubari Cider Black" of Hokkaido limited sale.

It is a company called Ohara Co., which is releasing this, is famous for guarana drinks such as "Koppuparana". Before this "Tsupari Cider black" it seems that there was also selling "Marimokokori Guarana".

Review from below.
It is said that water uses natural water of Yokota dake and sugar is made from Hokkaido potato as a main ingredient.

32 kcal per 100 ml.

I poured it into a glass.

Just as saying "Dry strong carbonic acid" and continuing to draw out bubbles just after pouring into the glass. Compared with Coke a bit of sweetness sticky feeling, I personally liked quite a bit because carbonic acid is also strong.

In Hokkaido it seems that Guarana drinks have settled since the expansion of Coke from Honshu by 2 to 3 years, but I really want you to sell the Garana drink as a regular product even in Honshu.

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