"Kirin Tropicana 100% Fruit Sparkling Grapefruit" Tasting Review

In the year, "Tropicana Sparkling" series which is on sale for a limited time has been renewed again as "100% fruit sparkling" this year. There are two kinds of lineup, grapefruit and grape & berry, but in the convenience stores in the neighborhood only grapefruit was sold so I bought only one kind for the time being.

I have drunk grapes before, but I do not have a memory of drinking 100% grapefruit juice. It seems like a miserable part, but what kind of substitute do you really play?

Review from below.
Tropicana Products Tropicana Sparkling

Carbonated beverage with 100% fruit juice.

It seems that sweetness is derived only from fruits.

When checking the raw materials, it is certainly only grapefruit, carbonic acid, perfume.

Cap is of Tropicana.

I poured it into a glass.

There is only 100% grapefruit juice and you can play sour and bitterness spread. Although it seems to be a big challenge when entering the trachea, the drinking mouth is really refreshing. As you get used to it, sourness becomes comfortable. "100% fruit sparkling" Grape & berry may be able to expect quite a bit.

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