A homeless ride "Homeless Utility Vehicle" made on the basis of actual experience

SUVIt is famous in Japan as a sports multipurpose car, but this vehicle is a homeless multipurpose vehicle named HUV (Homeless Utility Vehicle) developed for homeless.

The author is Stephen M. Mills of designer. In the United States, Michigan State Ann Arbor actually experiences homeless life and develops, it seems to have all kinds of useful functions. Do you ever see such a kind of ride in Japan someday?

Details are as below.
It looks like making it. It seems like you can set something like a shopping basket.

It is also possible to collapse compactly

The upper part is transparent vinyl with good visibility

In use

Is it going to go shopping

When I go to bed I feel like this

Actually the movies in townHereWhenHereFrom here. QuickTime is required for playback.

Homeless Utility Vehicle

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