Introduction of scene cut of "Iron Linebarrel" animated on October

CurrentChampion REDIn the series "Iron (Kurogane) line barrel"(Work · Eiichi Shimizu × Tomohiro Shimoguchi) will be animated from October. The work is a story that grows in 2019, while the hero, Koichi Hayase gets involved in the battle as a result of encountering a gigantic robot · line barrel.

This time I will introduce scene cut of "Iron Linebarrel" episode 1 story.
Iron line barrel

Key Visual.

The trailer GONZO has released on YouTube is like this.

The main character Koichi Hayase (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara). From a certain incident it will become a factor (pilot) of the line barrel and gain a great force, it will get caught up in the battle.

A line barrel that Koichi will board. Robot made with unknown technology called "Makina".

Koichi's childhood friend, Risa Niiyama (left · CV: Noriko Shimoya) and Yajima (right · CV: Shimonomiya).

While facing the worldwide medical equipment manufacturer, Kunio Ishijima (CV: Joji Nakada), president of the organization "JUDA" that owns Makina behind it.

Yamashita Satoru (left · CV: Miyuki Sawashiro) of the JUDA office member and Mr. Mori next next (right · CV: Yuichi Nakamura). They are also factors, and they ride in Makina called Hind Kind and Verdant respectively.

Mihama Kujyo (CV: Aya Hirano).

Next to the beautiful sea is the twin Endo Izna (Central · CV: Rie Kugimiya) and Endo Shizuna (right · CV: Uenida Kana). The two manipulate the drive of Makina for electronic nerve warfare.

Heroine of this work, Emi Shirosaki (CV: Mamiko Noto).

Like JUDA, Kato Kuzuchi's general commander who owns Makina, Kazuhisa Kato (CV: Jun Fukuyama).

Takuro Sawatari of Kato Institution 4th Corps Corps (CV: Toru Inada).

Sawadori is riding "idaten" of a robot called Alma developed based on Makina.

Other cuts are as follows. It seems that you can expect robot battle from the first episode.

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