Canned coffee "Kirin FIRE menthol" tasting review finished with scent of menthol

"Kirein Fire " series released by Kirin Beverage "FIRE mentor" which finished cleanly with the fragrance of menthol newly appeared. Coffee has a distinctive scent after drinking, so it seems that it is for those who care.

Review from below.
It does not mean that "menthol" is written in the raw material.

The concept is like this, for those who care about the scent that remains afterwards.

I poured it into a glass.

It is not too rich.

Although I actually tried drinking, when I know that it is menthol beforehand, I realize that there is a feeling of getting fuzzy after drinking certainly, but if I drink without knowing such information, You may not be able to feel the difference. In the GIGAZINE editorial department, no one knew the scent of menthol as a single person, but it was the reaction "If I was told ...".

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