Eight ways to improve bad breath

When you touch a person it always becomes a matter of concern that your bad breath is not odorful. Especially when I contact with the opposite sex, I pay close attention, but that alone may be inadequate.

There are various ways to prevent bad breath for such a time. It only seems to be able to start even soon, it is likely to improve bad breath just by being a little concerned. Let's see how you can prevent bad breath.

It is a must-see for those who are suffering from halitosis.

Details are from the following.8 Easy Steps to Banish Bad Breath

1. Clean your tongue

Bad breath is caused by corrosion of food and bacteria left in the mouth. With mouth washes like Mondamine, it seems that it is not a fundamental improvement method because it is temporary solution.

The surface of the tongue seems to be fibrous like to tangle food residue and bacteria. By clearing the tongue, it is possible to prevent bad breath by removing bacteria and the like entangled with the surface of the tongue and removing bacteria in the mouth and food waste efficiently. It is effective to prevent bad breath regularly by keeping the tongue brush and toothbrush etc.

2. Bite the gum

The second cause of bad breath is drying in the mouth. It is also because dryness is bad breath when getting up in the morning, saliva production slows during sleeping, so the mouth is dry. It seems that it is possible to prevent bad breath by draining saliva by biting gum and not drying inside the mouth.

Saliva also has the effect of preventing bad breath by pouring food and bacteria. Saliva also has enzymes that kill bacteria, and seems to change whether or not there is bad breath depending on whether it properly secures saliva. In particular, since xylitol has an effect of preventing bacteria from breeding, gum containing xylitol is good.

3. ingest cinnamon

Recent studies seem to have found that cinnamon has the effect of reducing bacteria.

4. Drink plenty of water

When I feel thirsty, the mouth is also quite dry, so bacteria seem to be in a state that is easy to reproduce. It is necessary to keep moisture firmly so that mouth does not dry out.

5. Have a doctor see a doctor once

If you do not do anything like the above, there is a possibility that a tooth decay or gum disease may be the cause, so it seems better to see a doctor once.

6. Eat a small amount of bread

By ingesting some carbohydrates, it sometimes prevents bad breath. Also, according to the story of experts, it seems to eat a small amount of bread to suppress the ketone smell due to malnutrition.

7. Use the water pick

For perfusion and exclusion of food, Welltech Co., Ltd.

8. Have someone check your bad breath

Because I do not understand bad breath by myself, it seems to be better to have people check the situation and to know the state of bad breath.

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