Appearing "StageHD" DivX video sharing site like "Stage 6" which was high picture quality but closed

Popular as it was able to share high-quality and high-quality videos compared to YouTube etc.Stage 6"ButClosed at the end of FebruaryAnd there are various kinds of closure relatedBack circumstancesButexposureIt continues, "VreelAlthough various things like successor sites came out, one newly added "StageHDThe DivX video sharing site named "The DivX video sharing site" has appeared.

At the present time there is no band limitation, and the file size is not limited.

Details are as below.
StageHD - For loyalty that is quality - Stick that in your pipe and smoke it DivX.

There are various categories, such as animation · comedy · music video · TV show · movie trailer · sports · documentary · short film · game · movie · 18 prohibited. You can see all categories from the following.


Since it is still in the test phase, it is in a state that it is difficult to upload, there is no description of the business model, but how will we develop in the future ...?

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