Many shooting stars in the night sky tonight "activities of the Perseid meteor shower" maximize

According to the National Astronomical Observatory, one of the three major meteor shower seasons "Perseid meteor showerThe activity seems to reach the peak tonight.

This means that tonight we may be able to see many shooting stars without tools.

Details are as follows.
August 2008 Perseus meteor shower group: National Astronomical Observatory

According to this page, the activity of "Perseid meteor shower group" which becomes active from the evening of August 11th to the evening of the 14th will be greeted with the "maximal" which becomes the most active tonight.

Since the Perseid meteor shower emerges from many shooting stars each year, if it is blessed with fine weather in a sufficiently dark sky night sky with a meteor shower that is also recommended for those who are planning to look at shooting stars for the first time, over 30 shooting stars in an hour I can see it.

By the way, tools such as telescope and binoculars are unnecessary for observation and can be seen anywhere in Japan. And it is said that observation is as good as possible where artificial lighting is small, and it is said that it may be able to see many shooting stars before dawn on the 12th or around midnight on the 12th.

In addition, since the shooting star movies taken last year are released on the above page, it is also possible to enjoy the atmosphere.

Although it seems that there are many people coming to Obon vacation just now, occasionally you may want to sit up late at night and look at the night sky.

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