Movie that I tried installing Windows Vista on PS3

It is a movie that I installed Microsoft's latest OS "Windows Vista" on Sony's PS3 and started it.

Since Windows Vista does not operate on the CELL processor of PS3, it seems that it is not useful as flattering because it forcibly uses the software to perform the same operation as a CPU for a normal personal computer.

Details are as follows.
Vista running on PS3 & more BD-J homebrew - PS3HaX Network - PS3 Hacks

According to this page, "QEMUAlthough I succeeded in running Windows Vista on PS3 using the PC emulator software, it took about 1 day to install, and it took 25 minutes to start up.

Although it seems that it is also possible to install Windows XP in the same way, it is said to only operate slightly faster than Vista.

This is actually a movie running Windows Vista. Because it is too late, it is fast-forwarding on the way.
YouTube - Windows Vista on the PS 3, Qemu 0.9.1 Bios Rev 1.171

There is no such feeling that it seems to be usable, but apparently it seems to be worthwhile to install it.

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