Illustrations that I do not think I painted with "paint" attached to Windows from scratch

Illustrations created using "Paint" attached from the beginning in Windows. I thought it was difficult to draw well without using other software, but if you can draw up to this point, I would like to draw something by myself.Wall-EThere are variety from rich room to invasion of iPhone, it is spectacular.

The image is a town that shaped a cafe or fast food shop below.

Is this the Wall - E room?

Cafe for robots.

The iPhone is invading.

Mysterious robots are also invading.

Baked field.

People are like ants.

space. I am concerned about "E.T's house".

Express the neighborhood of the earth. Is there an Apple Store in February?

Other images can be referred from the following.
MS Paint Contest: 90 Visions of Future in MS Paint are Terrifying, Insane

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