Wonder Festival 2008 In summer, as soon as the opening was over, there were too many people and the escalator broke down from the 4th floor to the 1st floor along with the sounds of sounding, causing back flow, injuries

"Wonder Festival 2008 Summer" was held at Tokyo Big Sight from 10 am today, but this time I moved to West Bldg. So, immediately after the opening, the escalator ascending from the first floor to the fourth floor suddenly slipped down with a sound like the sounding rumbling like "gobogogogogo!", A situation like a back flow, a big disaster occurred.

Movie and pictures of the situation just after is from below.
A matrix that goes outside the venue

Wonder Festival 2008 Summer, just before opening (1/5)

Completion of the first group of visitors

Wonder Festival 2008 Summer, immediately after opening (2/5)

Wonder Festival 2008 Summer, as soon as the escalator broke down and flowed back with sounds like sounding too many people 1 (3/5)

Sounds that crumble that the first one second of the above movie sounds. Actually it started feeling broken before I started shooting this movie, it felt like I slid down all at once. The ascending main escalator in the back has collapsed, the rider started running as if going up, and slipping down further slipping down.

Wonder Festival 2008 Summer, as soon as the escalator broke down and flowed back with sounds like sounding too many people 2 (4/5)

People on the lower side seemed to be crushed, they rushed over the railings and escaped. At the same time as it began to collapse the person who was under was evacuated backwards, the person who was already on the escalator rushes up or feels like running away from the side. However, an injury came out because escape came in time without being in time.

Wonder Festival 2008 Summer, escalators stop, moving on the stairs (5/5)

This is the state immediately after the accident

It's dangerous so I can not go up.


Operation stop.

An injured person will be carried

The Metropolitan Police Arrived for Civil Hearing

People from the escalator company also came

An ambulance came also.

Fire truck came also

Injured person

I heard that I heard that my legs are broken

The office in various places is currently in a fuss

2008/08/03 11:28 Addendum
Now, I have confirmed the second injured, and it was carried to the outside by the stretcher. I attached an oxygen mask, and it seems unconscious.

2008/08/03 11:33
NHK news came out. 50 people were injured and several people were injured.

NHK News Escalator Stop by Injuries

2008/08/03 11:37
While TV stations arrived one after another, we started interviewing witnesses.

2008/08/03 11:46
According to the Tokyo Fire Department, eight people were injured.
50 people falls, 8 people injured Escalator sudden stop

2008/08/03 15:18
50 people falling, 10 injured Escalator sudden stop

State of the fourth floor

Police in-situ verification


I shoot from the top ... ...

I started to slide down from this height ... ... It is my pleasure that the dead did not come out.

On-site verification began even on the first floor

Really looking amazingly high

It is the rising escalator on the right that has flowed backwards, but we are also investigating the descending escalator on the left

At the time, everyone who was in charge of guidance was examined in turn and it seems that it will take some time until investigation of the cause.

2008/08/03 15:39
People who wore the NHK armband asked "Is there anyone in this who saw an escalator accident in the morning?"

2008/08/03 15:49
Finally I began to look up the escalator

2008/08/03 15:54
Enclosure coverage start. It seems that they are listening to victim information.

You can now access the escalator in question

2008/08/03 23:17
Clear images were released at NHK News.

NHK News Escalator accident cause investigation

In addition, a message from Mr. Shuichi Miyawaki, Executive Committee chairperson of Wonder Festival is listed in the following blog.

REVOLTECH EXPRESS: About accidents at WF

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Movie just before the escalator stopped and back flow at 'Tokyo Big Sight' and the picture of the moment of collapse - GIGAZINE

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