British best teddy bear with pure gold nose and jewelry eyes

The nose is pure gold of 24 carats, the gorgeous teddy bear made of emerald and diamonds is said to be on sale for Christmas gifts. The price was 43,000 pounds (about 9.16 million yen) which was made by Steiff, known for handmade expensive teddy bear.

Details are as below.The £ 43,000 teddy bear with diamond eyes and a 24-carat gold nose - Telegraph

This luxury teddy bear is a department store in the UKSelfridges"It is said that gold leaf is woven into the fur with the schedule to be sold at. furtherMont BlancThe pen and the ink fountain are also set, and sales are only made to order made. It seems that he is targeting tourists who come to buy Christmas gifts from the Middle East to the UK.

An exhibited teddy bear. Unlike ordinary teddy bear, there are parts of white eyes.
Selfridges' s Luxurious New Wares For Christmas - Luxist

Steiff has previously made a similar teddy bear for the 125th anniversary of the Teddy Bear, but it seems that the jewels used are slightly different from those at that time.

Memorial teddy bear made in 2005. Diamonds, sapphires, Onyx are used for the eyes.
Steiff's 125th Anniversary Set "Elefantle" and Teddy Bear

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