What is the man "Hans Ulrich Rudel" who did not let a lie to Uncyclopedia?

"UncyclopediaSpeaking of it,WikipediaUnlike writers are seriously wrong but nothing is told because they are not lying 800Level exceeding 10,000 liesIt is a wonderful encyclopedia that cooperates with various kinds of freezing beyond the level of simply wanting to know facts, but there are still excellent items. Among them, this "Hans Ullrich RudelThe item is too amazing, it is an unusual content that there is almost no exaggeration though it is uncyclopedia.

It is said, "Wake up in the morning and sortie and eat breakfast, drink milk, sortie, eat lunch, drink milk, sortie out, eat dinner, drink milk, sortie and shower, go to bed and sleep 519 units in a while , Becoming the world's strongest tank killing kingSo it's too amazing.

So let's see the strongest destruction god Rudel's success.
First of all this is Wikipedia's description.

Hans Ulrich Rudel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hans-Ulrich Rudel (July 2, 1916 - 18 December 1982) is a German Air Force soldier during the Second World War. Dive bomber Ju 87 Stuca is the shooting down king who destroyed the most number of tanks in history, "Tank killing king". There are also a lot of ground support and air fighting at Focke Wulf Fw 190, and it also meets "the shooting down of five or more enemy aircraft" which is regarded as the condition of Ace, so the Ace pilot representing the German Air Force of World War II It is also counted as one of them.

And this is uncyclopedia.

Hans Ulrich Rudel - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Hans-Ulrich Rudel (July 2, 1916 - 18 December 1982), as a German soldier who was active during the Second World War, is the largest enemy of the Soviet people, It is a devil of Stuart and a dazzling dance, and a demon that flew down on the ground. Wake up in the morning and sortie and eat breakfast, drink milk, sortie, eat lunch, drink milk, sortie out, eat dinner, drink milk, sortie and shower, go to bed and sleep 519 units in a while , The world's strongest tank killing king.
Since the number of aircraft shots down also is 9, it is an ace that is clear. There is no doubt that his score is a world record and will never be updated in the future.

It is certainly almost unchanged. Rather, the description after the uncyclopedia is fairly straightforward.

For example, the comprehensive achievements are as follows.

· Number of sorties 2530
· Shot down times 30 times
· Battle injury 5 times
· 100,000 rubles awarded by the Soviet forces

As for how much money this 100,000 rubles is, the average annual income of Soviet workers at that time in 1940 seems to be about 600 rubles, so if converted to 600 rubles = 3 million yen, it is equivalent to 2 billion yen . It is unlikely how many threats it would take two billion yen prize alone by one person.

Especially"That's amazing Ruder!It is worth reading even the item of "only. When extracting a part, it looks like the following.

When I was shot by the enemy's anti-aircraft artillery and one leg blew away, when I took the rear machine gun and told me that my legs got disappeared in my godderman "There will not be such a thing, if the foot blows off, I will talk Is it alright to be told? " Certainly well I was talking in that state ... ....

When we are sent to a hospital by losing one leg as it is shot by an anti-aircraft gun, we cry sorely. If the visitor wears a word of comfort whether it is truly one leg, "Since the foot still has one left, it does not matter.It is a shame that I can not defeat the Soviet tank for a whileThat was it. As he says "for a while", he himself is already a man of man who will already return to the front line at this point. Anyhow I dislike hate the Soviet Union hate dislike Dislikes Dislike I hate it I guess I could not help it. Was it also a grudge? It would have been said that there was a red skirtfully because one leg was blown away ...

Because it was too regrettable, Rudel who returned with prosthetic limbs faked the document even during vacation and sorties out, even if it is sent to the hospital, even if it gets out of the hospital, we sneak until the squad, and as usual we still suddenly bombed the Soviet tank troops It is said that he continued to set up. By the way, after this unauthorized sortie was discovered, Rudel got scolded by a military doctor, but the reason is that the person himself said thatBecause there were too many tanks that do not know who destroyedmet. Self Weighing Ruder.

One day, Rudel who was seriously injured with goderman who was shot down by the anti-aircraft gun and was sitting in the back seat. However, he returned to his position on his own. As soon as I find a garderman who was rescued and treated earlier, "I do not have time to take a rest Garderman, sortie!He told him to head to the battlefield by pulling him. Do your best, Garderman. Ruder must be self-weighted.

Adolph Hitler gave the medal one after another because the battle record of Rudel which was piled up was too great, but at last the medal corresponding to him finally ran out. So finallyNewly established the highest order medal only for RudelIn that case, I received a ridiculous medal of golden Kashiwa leafed sword and diamond knight Iron Cross Order. It was the entire soldier who won this prize,Rudel only. Who in the world are you the strongest hero you thought?

In addition, this medal hopes that a new hero following Rudel will appear, and a total of twelve were made in accordance with the knight of the round table, but there are twelve such fellows growing up.

As expected, this comic also cries in the unexpanded versus deep blue development, "crying"It is impossible to add no more lies to such a lie fact!"It's a fact. It is not a lie, it is true. That's because Stalin wanted to cry, too.It is written.

The following movie is apparently Hans Ulrich Rudel himself.

YouTube - Rudel at the end of the war

Also, various pictures etc. are gathered on the following page, and when you search, it seems that there are quite a few fans overseas.

Hans Ulrich Rudel

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