I asked Sony whether the compatibility function with PS 2 is provided in the current PS 3 as an update

Sony is incompatible with PS2It may provide compatibility with PS 2 with updates to the current PS 3We talked to GIGAZINE before, but in fact I asked Sony whether there was such a schedule.

Details are as follows.
The contents and responses inquired to the public relations officer of Sony Computer Entertainment are as follows.

· Are there plans to make the current PS 3 compatible with PS 2 by updating?
Some reports are being done on the Internet, but there is nothing to officially inform from us.

· Reproducing the operation of the PS2 CPU "Emotion Engine (EE)" and the graphic chip "Graphics Synthesizer (GS)" that was not installed from the current PS3 using the PS3 CPU "CELL processor" is technically Is it possible?
There is nothing to officially comment. However, for the (PlayStation) Playstation, it is realizing compatibility with software using the CELL processor instead of installing the chipset.

· Do you plan to provide an update that will make the public a bit surprising (surprising) in the future?
There is nothing to officially comment. However, since it depends on how the customer picks up, the place that makes the public disturbing can not be said anything, but as for the updating of the AV function of PS 3 we have done in the past, it has gained popularity from users I will.

Unfortunately we could not get any specific comments,Things that a new type PS 3 may appear in the futureEven though I think about it, the trend of PS 3 is a concern.

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