Does this make Blu - ray unnecessary? Technology to record nine times data on conventional DVDs appeared

Dramatically raised HDD recording capacityPerpendicular magnetic recording systemKnown to Tohoku University, announced technology to record 9 times the data on conventional DVD and CD.

This will make it possible to record approximately 42 GB on a 4.7 GB DVD on one side, so Blu-ray may be unnecessary.

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)Successful demonstration (9 times density) of the principle of a new method V groove groove pit orientation multi-valued recording that can be duplicated from the master mold

According to this release, Tohoku University seems to have successfully verified the next-generation ROM technology principle that records multiple pieces of information by using a V-shaped groove at the recording position (pit) of an optical disk such as a DVD. It is said that CD and DVD can record data with the density which is nine times higher than the conventional one.

This is a description of the new method. Multiple information can be recorded by orienting the pit of the V groove.

Also, unlike Blu-ray discs, CDs and DVDs can be produced cheaply by applying stamper replication technology, so that it will be possible to offer high-definition video content at a low price, as well as traditional CD / DVD drives It can be dealt with by just adding a reading mechanism.

It seems that technology is still based on the provision of read-only media such as movie and music CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, but in the future the drive that individuals can record on DVD-R or CD-R using that technology If provided it would be a powerful rival of Blu-ray.

· 13:40 postscript
In the release, it is said that "Blu-ray discs can not be duplicated using stampers", apparentlyBlu-ray seems to be duplicated also using stamper. However, it is said that the unevenness of CD and DVD and pits will be reversed for Blu-ray.

However, with the technology after the Blu-ray disc, replication technology by a stamper essential for low-cost mass production can not be applied.

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