A number of super-huge Lego works overwhelming in size and production time

Although GIGAZINE introduced some Lego works so far, there are still many works that are quite large and take time to produce. Let's see what kind of work it is.

Pictures are as follows. Jet made from Lego, Airbus A-380. The size is one thousandth of the scale and the weight is about 100 kilograms. The number of blocks used was about 75,000 and production time was about 600 hours, which took quite a lot of trouble.

You can see that it is truly made of Lego if you look closely.

The turbine part is made to move.

Also equipped with tires.

Kennedy Space Center 1506 square feet (approximately 1,400 square meters) in size, made of approximately 750,000 blocks. It seems that it was produced about 2,500 hours.

Rocket development site. There are many rockets.

space shuttle. It is likely to be launched even now.

A football stadium made in Germany. It seems that it is made of about 1.5 million blocks. Production time and about 4200 hours. There are about 30,000 spectators in the stadium. Both size and production time are overwhelming.

When I remove the outer wall, it looks like this.

When you look close, you will be overwhelmed by the number of spectators

Below is a movie of Airbus A-380 and the Space Center.

Biggest Lego Airplane In The World: Lego Airbus A 380 Is Biggest Lego Airplane in the World

Kennedy Space Center
Lego Kennedy Space Center: 750,000-Brick Kennedy Space Center Is the Mother of All Lego Models

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