KDDI, unique design au mobile announces 12 models of summer 2008 summer

KDDI today announced the 2008 summer model of au mobile.

Overall design is improved, high quality AV mobile phone equipped with full wide VGA liquid crystal, terminal for full-scale sports corresponding to electronic compass and humidity indication "G'z One mobile", cooperate strongly with sports Sportio (Sportio) "which is a unique straight terminal which did, service which can change interface of mobile phone"Naka Chen"Corresponding model, even inside of mobile phones can be fully changed to" Giants Mobile "and" Tigers Keitai "as well as" Nodame Mobile "," Negima Mobile "," Kinnikuman Mobile "Furchen phone"It has become a unique line-up on the functional side as well.

In addition, new services and initiatives such as "LISMO Video" which delivers one whole movie, "Mobile de PC Mail" which can send and receive PC mail via mobile phone, installment sales of mobile phone, etc. are also introduced.

This time we will deliver it in a flash report.

Details are as follows.
· W 62 SH(Made by Sharp)
High-quality AV mobile phone equipped with 3-inch high definition full-wide VGA liquid crystal and 3.2 megapixel camera, which can enjoy wireless music by adopting Bluetooth or FM transmitter.

· W62H(Manufactured by Hitachi)
A stylish Wooo cell phone that can enjoy LISMO Video, One Seg, 3D game with WWVGA organic EL display of about 2.8 inches and 2 WAY open style. It also supports Bluetooth.

· W 63 SA(Made by Sanyo)
2.8 inch wide VGA liquid crystal, camera shake correction correspondence 199 million pixel camera installation. Global passport compatible model. In addition to enjoying "PC site viewer" and "PC document viewer" with high definition, IC dictionary software and stereo recording compatible IC recorder etc. are also installed.

· Sportio (W 63 T)(Manufactured by Toshiba)
Equipped with 2.2 inch QVGA liquid crystal and 1.96 million pixel camera. "Au Smart Sports Run & Walk" evolved more conveniently, equipped with "calorie counter" using motion sensor. By simply carrying a cell phone, the number of steps, distance, calories burned are measured automatically and it is possible to confirm immediately on the standby screen. Bluetooth compatible.

· W62CA(Manufactured by Casio)
G'z One mobile with 2.7 inch WQVGA LCD and 1.97 megapixel camera. Electronic paper is adopted as a sub display. Azimuth, temperature sensor, equipped with six tools "G'zGEAR" to feel the earth in conjunction with GPS. Bluetooth equipped wireless music can also be enjoyed, waterproof & shock resistant toughness mobile.

· W64SA(Made by Sanyo)
2.8 inch wide VGA liquid crystal and camera shake correction compatible 1.96 megapixel camera loaded. A model that realized "transparent feeling + vivid color" using illumination. Also equipped with stereo recording compatible IC recorder.

· Furcheng mobile phone re (W63S)(Made by Sony Ericsson)
2.7 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and 3.2 megapixel autofocus, face detection compatible camera built-in. Unlike the dress up to now, it corresponds to the new service "Furchen" which can change the mobile phone in full swing by changing contents such as exterior, standby screen, main menu.

· W62T(Manufactured by Toshiba)
2.8-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and camera shake correction compatible with 3.24 million pixel camera. Easy One Seg activation with one touch TV key at any time. New standard mobile compatible with LISMO Video. FeliCa compatible.

· W64K(Made by Kyocera)
2.7 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and autofocus correspondence 1.97 million pixel camera installation. One Seg one shot activation and one touch dial correspond. One Seg mobile phones sticking to ease of use.

· W62K(Made by Kyocera)
2.6 inch QVGA liquid crystal and 1.3 megapixel camera mounted. "Easy to see", "Easy", "Reliable" are enriched. Easy to use everyday, Simple & Friendly Keitai.

· W63K(Made by Kyocera)
2.7 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and 1.3 megapixel camera mounted. Slim design fits neatly in the breast pocket. A smart straight mobile phone with ease of use and secure functions.

W 62 PT(Manufactured by Pantech)
2.6 inch QVGA liquid crystal and 1.3 megapixel camera mounted. Easy operation without hesitation with "light navigation navigation" key lights up. "Easy mobile phone" of smart design full of ease of viewing, easy to hear, ease of use. E-mail voice reading function and brain training game are also preset.

A new service that allows viewing about 2000 pieces of movies such as "Spiderman" and "Resident Evil" purchased on PC with mobile phone "LISMO Video"Will be launched on June 3 (Tue) for the following models. Content is 105 yen to 525 yen per one.

·Compatible models

Wooo mobile phone W 62 H, Sportio, G'z One W 62 C A, W 64 SA, Furchen cell phone re, W 62 T, W 62 SH, W 63 SA
Pre-released models: W56T, W54S, W54SA, W61SA, W61T, Cyber-shot mobile W61S

And we can use PC mail by mobile phone at 105 yen / month "Mobile de PC Mail"Corresponding models are W62CA, W62H, W62SH.

In addition, we can pay mobile phones 12 or 24 times for users who purchased W61S and today's summer model at "Simple Course" where the calling fee cheaper instead of increasing the price of the terminalThe installment payment system will be introducedBesides, the simple course fee plan is said to be cheap as follows.

This is a new simple course price plan.

You can see that it is cheaper compared with the price plan of the full support course.

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