KDDI, personalized au mobile phone announces 15 models in summer 2007

KDDI enables you to watch One Seg even around the bathroom and kitchen waterWaterproof / One Seg Mobile"With a 5.15 megapixel camera with camera shake correction mode"EXILIM mobile"Enjoying music in various ways, 2 GB memory equipped with up to 110 hours of playback possible"Walkman mobile"One-seg mobile phones emphasizing thinness, unique au mobile phones, 15 summer models of 2007 were announced.

It supports a lifestyle of each user, has become a wide lineup.

Features of each model are as follows.
· W53SA(Made by Sanyo)
Waterproof / One Seg mobile phone that you can enjoy 1 Seg as well as music and e-mail in places you like.

· W52CA(Manufactured by Casio)
Waterproof · One Seg mobile phone that can enjoy "One Seg" beautifully in high quality image engine, recording reservation and background recording etc.

· W53CA(Manufactured by Casio)
EXILIM mobile with 5.15 megapixel camera and camera shake correction mode. Also equipped with an application such as a real electronic dictionary "Genius".

Walkman Mobile W52S by Sony Ericsson(Manufactured by Sony Ericsson)
2 GB internal memory, up to 110 hours continuous playback of stamina, in addition to "Clear Audio Technology" and image quality correction technology "RealityMAXR" applying the technology of BRAVIA, cell phones stuck with sound quality and image quality. Finally support microSD memory card.

W52P(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Osaifu-Keitai which adopts metal material and can also change dress.

W54T(Manufactured by Toshiba)
3 inch wide VGA liquid crystal, 3.2 mega autofocus wide angle camera mounted, stainless steel body, TV output function, high picture quality VGA size (30 fps) can be recorded and played.

W 52 H(Manufactured by Hitachi)
We combine high-quality liquid crystal technology of LCD TV "Wooo". In addition to enjoying "One Seg" and "Digital Radio" with beautiful images, you can watch 1 seg for about 7 hours by installing a large capacity battery of 1100 mAh.

W52SH(Made by Sharp)
Slim body 1 seg mobile phone with a thickness of 17.6 mm. While slim, it is equipped with about 2.8 inch wide QVGA mobile ASV liquid crystal.

W53T(Manufactured by Toshiba)
Slim & compact mobile. It is possible to enjoy "1 seg" or "LISMO" video clip with 2.8 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal.

W 52 SA(Made by Sanyo)
Slim design one seg mobile phone with a thickness of 18.7 mm. In addition to incorporating 2.8 inch high image quality IPS liquid crystal, it also has an IC recorder function with a stereo microphone.

W 53 S(Manufactured by Sony Ericsson)
"+ JOG" with "Jog dial" comfortable scroll operation combined with familiar operability of the cross key. Over 100 types of Style-Up panels are prepared, as well as a beautiful 2.7-inch full-width liquid crystal using BRAVIA technology.

W44K II(Made by Kyocera)
"LISMO", a thin 15 mm cell phone with enhanced features such as a 2.1 million pixel camera. Tempered glass is adopted for main display and sub display.

A5526K(Made by Kyocera)
Easy mode "mobile phone with basic functions such as 2.4 inch ASV liquid crystal, 1.3 megapixel camera, infrared communication, EZ · FM, external memory etc in a slim body of 14.7 mm.

A 5527 SA(Made by Sanyo)
GLOBAL PASSPORT terminal equipped with OCR English dictionary, calculator with exchange calculations, FM radio that can be used overseas as well.

Easy mobile phone A5528K(Made by Kyocera)
"Easy mobile" which makes it easier to use with "easy-to-read" on 2.6-inch large screen, "spot character" support, speech reading and "clear call" making it easier to hear the other party's voice clearly.

More information on each model is here.

KDDI Company Info: News Releases> About 15 New Lineup of au Cellular Phones

From today, the special site which took up the summer 2007 model is open.


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