ASUS familiar with EeePC, to announce a laptop that starts in 8 seconds

Low price laptop computer "EeePC"ASUS familiar, has announced a notebook computer that can be launched in 8 seconds this time.

Many people think that it takes close to 1 minute to be able to actually use it after turning on the power, but in this case "I want to do the research somewhat lightly on the net" "I want to check only email before going out" It might be convenient when saying that.

Details are as below.
ASUS Notebooks Offer 8 - Second Boot Up for Instant Online Access with Innovative Express Gate

According to this release, ASUS is announcing a notebook computer started in 8 seconds using Intel's latest platform at "Computex 2008" to be held in Taiwan from June 3rd.

This is a model that installed "Express Gate" OS separately, "Express Gate" launched immediately with one button, starting email, sending and receiving, browsing, music playback, messenger etc. without starting Windows It is easy to use the function of. It is also possible to access files stored without affecting Windows.

The details will be clarified tomorrow, is not it right for those uneasy to leave the computer up and running?

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