"Those who play animated cartoon girls are destroyed and their human nature is lost, so regulations should be regulated."

To the upper house of Japan "Petition concerning the enactment of the law regulating the production and sale of adult anime magazines and adult animation simulation girls"Has been issued and this content is blown away too much so now it is making a big noise on the net.

It was Minshuto's party that issued this petitionChild from a circleWith lawmakersShimoda AtsukoIt is a member of the Diet and its acceptance date is May 14, 2008.

What kind of content is it, what is "petition" in the first place? Details from the following.
You can confirm from the following page that petition information was issued.

Details of the contents are as follows.

Many beautiful girls adult anime magazines and games that are flooding in the streets often imagine the elementary school girls and many of the young people invited to such games destroyed their hearts without knowing It has been lost human nature, an incident has already occurred in which a young girl is already taken away and killed. With these, it is obvious that it creates a society in which young girls are exposed to danger, which is a problem before freedom of expression. For the purpose of pursuing corporate profits who do not have social ethics, it is necessary to hasten the enactment of laws with penalties in order to regulate products that put a young girl in danger.
For that matter, I would like to enact legislation accompanied by adult anime magazines and beautiful girls adult animation simulation game manufacturing and sales regulations penalties.

"Before expression of freedom" is synonymous with saying that it ignores the Constitution, so it is fundamentally an outrageous assertion, but it should be noticed that this assertion has been made from two female legislators who are active The fact that I got it. It has become a big fuss in various parts of the net already.

Adult animals and games regulatory petitions will be submitted | Digital magazine

Petition was issued to the National Assembly to regulate erotic animation and eroge:

News Super fast breaking news! "People who enjoy adult girls and adult animation are destroying human nature, which leads to killing girls so we regulate sales" ... Democratic lawmakers petition

Painful news (No ∀ `):" People who enjoy beautiful girls (eroge) · animation are losing human nature, because they lead to killing girls etc. Sales regulation "... Democratic lawmakers petition

Especially in 2channels, a thread is standing like a mountain, centering on news bulletin + and the number of writing has exploded, and more than 14,000 burning has been done just by checking at the present moment.
2ch Search: [Bishoujo adult game]

Initially "petitionWhat kind of system is called is like this.

Submission of petition

The petition is a system defined in the Constitution, which allows the people to directly express requests, complaints, etc. to the National Assembly to the Diet. Anyone with Japanese citizenship and foreign residents living in Japan can submit it.

So, if anyone can submit it, it is not so, there are the following conditions.

The petition must be submitted by the lawmakers' introduction. Therefore, concrete procedure concerning the submission will be carried out by a member or cadres secretary.

The petition submitted in this manner will be judged and divided into petitions to be adopted and petitions which should not be adopted. It will be as shown below.

Adopted from petition submission · Cabinet mailing

It is also "freedom of creed and expression" that acknowledges such petition itself is also "Problems before freedom of expressionSince it is said that it is declared, there is considerable logic leap in the contents of the petition itself, and everything goes under regulation subjects by this argument. Or, since it is a market that is regulated by banning purchasing under 18 years old, factual misunderstanding is also extreme. Regarding further restrictions, it means "regulation" at the level of manufacturing prohibition, sales prohibition, simple possession prohibition, etc.

It is a matter of where the association used these two parliamentarians to issue such insane petition.

By the way, why would such a ridiculous petition accept and submit it? There is a secret in the method itself of "considering it as an enemy if you do not agree with my idea" like this time. In this case, it is obvious that the users of the games, which are generally called "pretty girls" do not overlap with their own supporters, so "beautiful girls demographic" It is thought that by targeting "pretty girl game market" as criminal reserve army and turning it to the enemy, there is the aim to draw instructions from voters who have disgust with the existence of the beautiful girl game itself.

Organizing, it is expected that it will be like the following flow.

An organization that has discomfort against beautiful girls and animation

Create a petition

Since there is connection with both members of the Diet and Representative Atsuko Shimoda from the yen, submission via these two members

In other words, if you support and support a specific parliamentarians, even if you are an outrageous assertion, unless you become disadvantaged by that parliament, you will cause actions to the extent of submitting petitions to the Diet It is possible.

For this "petition" mechanism itself, an interesting explanation is given to a member of the Representative's blog from the yen that submitted this petition.

Members of the House of Council yen from child Blog - Do you know "petition"?

Petition is a valuable opportunity for citizens to express their intention to politics, along with voting in elections, but it is necessary for introduction of parliamentarians, not to be adopted easily, even if it is adopted concrete I think that there is room for discussion as to whether it is a system that conforms to the philosophy of the Constitution, such as less adoption of measures.

In Japan, only the interests of a specific group due to the mouth of the legislature are devised, politicians have long anticipated donations and voting as a result of the uncertain political system in return. If anyone complains about the complaint to the Diet through a petition and it is discussed in the public place, I think that transparent and open politics will be carried out.

It is a wonderful system in that "anyone can appeal complaints to the Diet through petition" but it is a wonderful system, but I would like you to realize that there are cases like this one if abused. Or, since the child members of the yen do not expect "donation and voting" as written in their own blog, any petition may be put out in the Diet for the time being ... ... There is no problem with that though ......

In the end, such content of petition is "feel" of emotion of "likes" "kirai", rather it belongs to "feeling of physiological disgust", so the act of petitioning the Diet himself It is the extreme of insane.

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