How to make a steering wheel that makes Mario Kart Wii easier to play

About one month after the software for Wii "Mario Kart Wii" was released. By using the enclosed Wii handle, you can enjoy the game as if you are driving a real car unlike operating with a controller, but you can grasp the direction of the steering wheel correctly in the air While playing games it seems a bit difficult. So Mike Sylvester, who thought that fixing the steering wheel would make operation easier would seem to have made a little ingenuous steering.

Details are as follows.
Revolutionary: Mario Kart Training Wheel - Nintendo Wii Fanboy

What to prepare is Wii handle, Wii controller, plastic basket, rubber rope. Mike Sylvester who made it runs to Walmart and he says he got something for about $ 10.

As shown in the photo, pass the rope with the Wii handle with the controller mounted in the center of the basket, and fix the end of the rope.

Then put the basket so that the Wii handle faces the screen OK.

The following movies are actually playing with this steering wheel. I feel like I'm driving steady.
YouTube - Mario Kart Wii - Training Wheel

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