Headline news on May 21, 2008

Because the Olympics will start from summer, Kirin says to sell a new sports drink "Kirin Sports Supplement Sonic" from June 10. "How to make a new sports drink" is the development theme, with a lot of glucose and GABA blended, emphasis on hydration, the content volume is more than 555 ml and normal 500 ml PET bottle.

Aquarius and Pocari Sweat, which are major sports drinks in Japan, are isotonic drinks with equal osmotic pressure to body fluids, which is suitable for drinking before exercise, but this sonic is a hypotonic drink that has lower osmotic pressure than body fluid and drinks after exercise It seems to be suitable for. Sports drinks will disappear from the market as soon as new items come out, but how far will Sonic remain?

So, tomorrowMay 22. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on 22 May one year ago.

"Flickr Color Selectr" who will search for images using the color specified from Flickr - GIGAZINE

A desestar may be built in the desert of West Asia - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Even higher performance but lower price! OLPC to Develop Next-Generation Model of "XO" Note PC - CNET Japan(Hardware, it is pretty cool for products as per the photo)

HP HP "HP 2133 Mini-Note PC" HP - Mini notebook review with WXGA LCD from 50,000 yen unit review(Hardware, touchpad is very slender)

Petit and disassembled: see small, hard, cheap "HP 2133 Mini-Note PC" with video (1-2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, display does not open 180 degrees)

Asahi_com: also the missile monitoring satellite can be possessed Basic law of the universe is established - Politics(Space and space development strategy headquarters will be newly established in the Cabinet)

News Super fast breaking news! We planted acorns with a gas tax of 100 million yen from everyone. All withered. There is also such a day ne(Politics, terrible for excuses)

Home theater system adopting a golf ball large speaker, etc. 2 models Press release Sony(Hardware, small enough to pinch your fingers)

The back school site is a person who has not seen harmful · There is no person difference in opinion - Eye sharing survey net MY COMIC Journal(Net, 73% of viewers show disgust)

Japan_internet_com Daily research - PC desk around the PC, personal items less(There are about 10% of figures, figures unrelated to work, work)

"Virtual girlfriend" to react in response to me: Introduced with video WIRED VISION(Technology, girlfriend of projected 2D image)

Scribble of Zenkoji, restoration work on 22 ... Society as a society with hot water and drugs YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, graffiti is found before the torch relay)

Sharp Launches Industry's Smallest and Thinest Optical Size 1-3_2 5 Megapixel Pixel CMOS Camera Module: Enterprise: RBB TODAY (Broadband Information Site) 2008-05-21(Hardware, comparison image with 500 yen coin image ant)

Reader's perspective: accusing Microsoft's "XP SP3" installation problem continuing - ITmedia Enterprise(Infinite reboot occurs on software, AMD machine)

Retro is rather fresh iPhone application "iDial" (with animation) Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo Japan), blogging about gadget information(Software, interface of black telephone system)

"Recording Restrictions on Programming Mistakes" - News Allowed by NBC Universal - CNET Japan(Note, it will be broadcast in a state that can not be recorded)

62 smoke from the hard disk No injured person - MSN Sankei News(Memo, smoke from "HDL-U series" of IOO data)

Bouquet of jewels over 100 million yen Public Takashimaya Osaka store - MSN Sankei news(Memo, in the deep sea)

Google translation · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Working Mono News Life VIP craftsman blog www(Net service, Comiket will be translated into Zero no Tsukaima)

Use the key to open the door of fear! - Tokyo Dome City Summer Limited Haunted House Entertainment My Communication Journal(Leisure, setting to do preliminary inspection of properties sold at cheap)

"Death Note" that causes incidents and turmoil worldwide, Movie released in the United States WIRED VISION(Movie, less than 15 years old is prohibited entry)

Ef - the latter tale _ like a dragon ball POP(Game, OP movie directed by Makoto deep sea)

GameSpark - The maximum capacity of "Xbox Live Arcade" title is 350 MB! By RIKUSYO(Game, Doricus version Soul calibur also will be delivered)

Game Pad The origin of the underground secret nunchaku is in mega dola.(Game, Sega was also making nunchaku controller)

GameSpark - Tropical new color? DS Lite starts reservation at shops in Europe by Miu(Game, green like peas)

Waranoto Draws a picture of Akira Toriyama at a low price(Image, painting of Toriyama style which is very good)

CNN_co_jp: US research team for sports in teens to prevent breast cancer(Health, people who were running for 3 hours 15 minutes per week have a low incidence)

British male invests about skin care for about 500 yen / year = Survey Excite News(Health, male market is one tenth of women)

Business Media Makoto: Doctor Pinoko's Petit Pharmacology: A deep relationship of sleep and heart diseases - Let's make good use of snaps(Health, a nap of 30 minutes or more is adverse effect)

Is it impossible to improve the discomfort of the body just by "imagining"? Excite News(Health, controlling body with imagination)

Environmental consciousness is lowest in Tokyo, environmental awareness survey in 8 cities worldwide international news AFPBB News(Living with consideration for environment and environment is not done much)

Eh, I can not get off at the station I got on! - OhmyNews Oh My News(Railway and IC tickets can not be admission tickets)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Drunk in embroidery in the sacred place of Sukajan(Interview with a shop where you started apparel, Sukajan)

CNN_co_jp: I will present marijuana instead of cash, with candy purchase(Overseas, arrested by being witnessed by a policeman)

Column: Home Appliances Mini Review Blankenese "Dancing Takoyaki"(Hardware, Takoyaki with automatic Takoyaki rotation)

Asahi_com: At lunch time at school you have a boxed lunch. What do you like for side dishes? Kansai(Food, the popularity of egg-fried food is overwhelming)

Luxury or super cheap sweets, which one would you like to eat for 100 yen? Excite News(Food, quantity is better than quality)

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