A futuristic flying bike that will float up with fans "Tandem Duct Aerial"

The car powered by air is developed etc.Possibility of near future vehiclesThere are many, but AmericaAerofexThe company is developing a fly bike. Basically, the bike is just floating, the altitude, the direction of travel, speed is a simple thing to steer by weight shift. It is said that you can drive without difficulties if you receive a little training in advance.

Aerofex - Taking Flight

The airframe is like this.

Looking from the front like this. You can see that two big fans are pecking back and forth.

The movie showing the state of the test flight is from the following.

Tandem-Duct Aerial Demonstrator - YouTube

Aerofex landing on a vast dry land. When you start the engine ......


I will proceed.

It is also possible to change direction gently.

When it stops ......

I will raise the nose for a moment.

I stopped slowly and landed.

Of course you can go straight.

When stopped in the air, it swings slightly to the left and right.

The movie showing the driving situation from the front is from the following.

DLB 01 06 12 - YouTube

It looks like she is driving.

I am inclining my body when I am on a curve.

This is the view from the driver.

It is to be noted that the landing gear is currently attached,MotoGPInspired by the rider's position changed,While improvements are being repeatedAnd that.

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