Food art expressing emotions that can read the feelings of food

Until now GIGAZINE has introduced a variety of art, but this time we will introduce food art using food. We entertain the food we normally see with various facial expressions.

Pictures are as follows.Comida Antropomorfa +

I am scared that the watermelon is washed. Because spider webs are stretched out, will it be quite dirty water?

Lemon has modest resistance to vitamin preparations.

People from watermelon. Something is blowing out of my mouth.

I desperately resist resistance as the bread is cut off.

The butterfly stops on the flower made with the apple. There will be plenty of honey.

Dolphins made with bananas.

Orange is trying to squeeze his / her face. Is it in the midst of deciding resolution?

Tomatoes and oranges, torn apart from one another. It seems that you are missing a goodbye.

It is bitten by an apple. It is a very desperate face.

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