Russia is developing a personal computer that just moves with its head in mind

It seems that Russia develops technology to operate a personal computer by thinking only by detecting brain signals. This will make it easier for people with disabilities to use a PC.

Details of how it works are from the following.
Russians to operations computers by power of thought - Pravda.Ru

According to it, scientists at Southern Federal University are planning to create $ 750,000 (about 78.55 million yen) to develop a system to move computers by the power of spirit, which takes 18 months. As a mechanism, a brain signal is detected using a special device such as a metal helmet equipped with an electrode, and this signal is sent to a computer. This seems to make it possible for people with limited hands and feet to be able to freely use a personal computer.

Incidentally, researchers at Brown University and Massachusetts General Hospital already published in Nature in 2006, according to a study published in Nature, as part of an experiment to restore the control of the nerves in paralyzed limbs, electrodes were implanted in the brain by surgery , Studies of operating personal computers and robot arms are being conducted.

Technology Review: Brain Chips Give Paralyzed Patients New Powers

A movie showing how to move the mouse cursor with just thinking (1.60 MB, requiredQuickTime Player)

A movie showing a way of moving a robot arm with just thinking (2.27 MB, requiredQuickTime Player)

In other words, this Russian research does not require such a surgical operation is a breakthrough.

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