Does iPod or HDD recorder rise due to copyright royalties

It is said that the Agency for Cultural Affairs has summarized the policy of adding copyright royalty to devices such as portable music players such as iPod and HDD recorders. If the proposal by this policy passed, it seems that price increase of the main unit price can not be avoided. Moreover, it seems that there is a high possibility that this policy will pass if it is the current situation.

It may be one thing to buy before being introduced.

Details are as follows. Adding "copyright" to iPod to the Agency for Cultural Affairs - Culture · Entertainment

According to this article, the Agency for Cultural Affairs is planning to be held on August 8 at the Council of Cultural Affairs, to a portable music player such as iPod and built-in HDD recorder to record TV programs "Private sound recording compensation compensationIt is said that it summarized the policy to make proposal to charge. The billing amount is expected to be about several percent of the main body price.

This is the copyright organization's request for introduction, but if the manufacturer side is rebound, copyright organizations will be relieved of the limit on the number of copies of content that will be newly introducedDubbing 10"There is a secret measure" that refuses the introduction of "

Despite saying secretly and exquisitely, in fact, the iPod does not contain only copyrighted music, and even the sales of the iTunes Store also includes the copyright fee Therefore, if the copyright fee is added to the iPod itself as it is, you will be doubling the copyright fee. For that reason, JASRAC and others should further refine the flow of funds, but they are not expected to be taken into consideration at all.

In addition, as consideration to the manufacturer, we are saying that we will not charge for general-purpose devices such as personal computers or mobile phones. This is probably because there is a high possibility that a strong opposition will occur.

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