Examination for keeping pets is enacted by law

It is said that the Swiss government announced that people who keep dogs must pass an examination that proof that they can control their own pets and care for them.

It might be effective to reduce the number of people who have thought of keeping pets, getting tired of throwing away irresponsibly, but what kind of exam would it be?

Details are as below.Tests to be introduced for Swiss dog owners - Telegraph

The dog owner said that it will be necessary to pass the exam by 2010, regardless of breed. This test is part of a new animal protection law to be introduced in September, and there are provisions that some guidelines require that guinea pigs and insects are to be kept at the same time not to be alone.

This law also states that there are obligations for farmers to keep 3 pigs or more, 5 or more horses, 10 or more sheeps, 150 hen egg-laying hens, 200 chicks or more, whereas agricultural groups I assert that it will cost extra.

Companies and veterinarians doing dog training are hoping that they will be given the right to do the exam. But,Yorkshire TerrierGermaine Disieres says Germaine Disieres says, "Even small dogs need to get permission, education is necessary, but completely defining it is not a solution."

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