Bibimbap sauce and Hokka Hokkaidi with spicy hot pepper sauce "Bibimbap" Dinner review

I bought Hokka Hokkaidi "Bibinba Bowl" and "Tsukimi Bibinba Bowl" on sale from April 24th (Friday) and tried it. Bibimbap sauce and spicy hot pepper sauce are attached, and it was delicious, although it was a kimchi rice bowl rather than a bibimbap.

Review from below.
Limited time menu "Bibimbap rice" 490 yen (tax included) "Tsukimi bibimbap rice bowl" 540 yen (tax included)

Bibimbap with rice bowl. Namulu, kimchi, meat, lettuce and okra are on top.

Here is a moon bibimbap don bowl. It is the feeling that it became gorgeous at a stretch though the number of half-bred egg increased only in the center.

Apply the bibimbap sauce attached.

It was hard to understand, but I applied even more hot potatoes. The thick part around the half-baked egg is Gochujang.

The taste of bibimbap sauce and pungent taste of gourd-tea match with namul and meat and it is very delicious, and it is quite able to go even in bibimbap. I cooked it roughly and then I ate it, but as half-baked eggs entwined, mildness was born in the pungent, making it a real flavor. The ordinary bibimbap rice bowl is not too bad, but if you want to enjoy the deeper taste, the moon viewing is recommended.

In addition, there is only bibimbap, the smell is quite intense, the editorial staff who is not good at painful things "Resident EvilIt was ... tweeting. A little care may be necessary when eating in places where there are many people around.

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