Suspicion of indication of "inflighting of student employment information 2009", its verification

According to the story from the reader, En-Japan's "Student employment information 2009At the job hunting site called "Currently"Recruitment information 13, 147 companies"Although it is displayed, in fact only about one tenth of this is posted, and there is suspicion of padding. I tried to find out what the heck is like, what kind of padding is displayed.

The results of the survey are as follows.
First of all, this is the site of the problem.

If you find a job hunting (job hunting), En Japan Japan [en] Student employment information

There is an area called "company search" in the middle of this page. There is nothing to mention such as precautionary statements.

In the state without entering anything, click "Search company name" as it is and check to see how many items are displayed.

Certainly, even simple calculations show what is already funny. Although it is the default to display 20 cases per page, there are only 93 pages in all. In other words, it is calculated that 20 pages × 93 pages = only 1860 are not posted at the maximum. There is "13147" on the top page and search results on the top right, is this ...?

In order to investigate further, I decided to display up to the final page with 100 display items per page.

As you display in order ... ...

Finally I reached the final page. It was over with 1843 cases. With this it has not reached 13147 cases at all!

However, if you look closely at the bottom of the last page .... Is this all together?

Display link collection (11304 companies) of recruitment information that companies publish on the Internet

Link……? What on earth is it? Since I have more detailed explanation, I read it ... ...

The recruitment information from the next page is automatically collected by the company of the job portal, employment information that companies publish on the Internet.
Information is created by each company themselves, and [en] Employment information of students does not guarantee its contents. Please contact each company directly for inquiries about contents.

I see. In other words, the infiltration was a mechanism like this.

1843 cases: [en] Information on the company visited by the employment information editing department of the student, who conducted the original interview
11304 cases: the number that the job portal voluntarily collected the page of the company which the job portal is recruiting on the net

Total: 1843 + 11304 =13147

The mysterious robot called this job portal is outlined on the following page.

"Job Portal" is a robot type retrieval system that automatically collects employment information existing on the Internet.
The method of patrol stop is unknown, and it is necessary to inquire individually to the e-mail address separately listed on the above-mentioned page. As a reason, Google and Yahoo! As with the search bot, I just fetched the data without permission and displayed the result, but on the job search information result pageRefererIt seems to be looking at the mechanism, the page is not displayed by error even if you access directly.

Here (all search result pages do not appear with errors if there is no Referer)

It is probably a part of self-defense measures taking into consideration the possibility that other companies collect and retrieve search result data in the same way with bots etc. Normally, in such cases, as a reason to listen frequently, it says "When collecting data on search engines and others, old data will come out and user's convenience will decline", but in practice, I have heard that it seems to be a fact that it seems that it will be troubled if it seems to be posted after the posting period, but what about this case?

Also, it seems that the search result by "job portal" is split and displayed as a frame, just as if it looks like its own company. "In the case where the frame link hits reprints, it is illegal to call it illegal because it will be used entirely and exceeds the permissible limitThere is also a view that it is. The following is an example.

Nikkan Sotsupo Shimbun company Tokyo headquarters job hunting (job hunting), en japan [en] student employment information

I think that there are many postings as many as 1843 cases without doing acts like padding, but in the competitive mackerel recruitment / job hunting industry, which likewise takes the eye out of live horse racing, this is not done It may be that it means that you can not do it.

Anyway, is there no problem with the indication method which can not be helped even if it is said that "such as" inflating "or" misrepresentation ", is there any problem with the display method that can lose trust ...... for the user or for the advertiser's advertiser I wonder who is gonna do it is impossible.

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