Java application for free mobile phone "Skype" mobile phone appeared, unlimited talk on packet flat-rate usage

Java application for mobile phone of "Skype" free calling software used around the world has appeared. It supports not only Skype's chat function but also the call function.

Would users be able to enjoy free calls using Skype in the case of users who are in the packet flat rate plan?

Details are as below.
Skype Tests Software for Mass-Market Mobile Phones - About Skype

According to this release, Skype has released a beta version of "Java Skype for Your Mobile" for mobile phones.

"Skype for Your Mobile" can make phone calls between Skype users in addition to chatting etc. In addition, it will be possible to make calls to and from landline phones and mobile phones using SkypeIn / Out.

Incoming and outgoing calls using SkypeIn / Out at the time of service start are available in Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and the UK, and compatible terminals are Sony Ericsson's Java in Motorola and Nokia, Samsung Corresponding 50 terminals.

By the way, the release of the official version is supposed to be a few months later, as we will receive feedback from the beta users and make improvements.

The "Japanese version" page of Skype for Your Mobile is below.

Skype for Your Mobile

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