Black hole's secret revealed

According to research results scheduled to be published in Nature magazine,Black HoleHe seems to know that it is not only to breathe light and stars with powerful gravity.

Details are as below.
BBC NEWS | Science / Nature | Black holes reveal more secrets

According to a research team at Boston University, the black hole emits a jet stream of particles close to the speed of light, this air flow is seen to originate from the magnetic field near the end of the black hole, where the jet air stream It is being accelerated and concentrated.

Professor Alan Marscher of Boston University and his team observe the black holes deeper than ever with all sorts of human beings' telescopes, and as a result, out of the super mass black hole, like a winding corkscrew It seems that it confirmed that the plasma jet is jetting out. According to Hugh Aller, a professor of astronomy at the University of Michigan, this process seems to resemble what is happening in the jet engine.

Note that this phenomenon itself is based on past observation results etc. in 2001There is a possibility of existenceIt is predicted that "Cosmic jetAlthough it was called, it is the first time that details including the shape etc. were actually confirmed. The following is the expected figure at that time.

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