Goods of Kentucky Fried Chicken rose from April 24 and compared with the previous price

On Thursday, April 24th, the price of Kentucky Fried Chicken products has risen since today. So, I tried to compare the menus before April 23 (Wednesday) and the new menu which I had at hand as to how much each menu went up.

Details are as below.
Here is a new menu that is used from today.

And this is the old menu used until yesterday.

As I saw it at once, S of choice pack dropped 30 yen from 1680 yen to 1650 yen, M was 1980 yen, price was the same, L was 2250 yen to 2350 yen 100 yen price increase, not "raised" It seems like "price revision", but the contents of the set are changed, so it is a bit hard to understand.

In a plain place, the "6 piece pack" with potatoes attached to the original 6 pieces of chicken was 1,580 yen, but in the new menu the potato became the selection formula with biscuits, kernel crispy and the price was 1850 yen. Box potato of the side menu is changed from 530 yen to 600 yen. Sand and twister are also raising the price 30 yen from 10 yen each.

Please note that if you order multiple set menus, the price may change significantly compared to the previous one.

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