Music industry desires to introduce 'iPod Tax'

Previously at GIGAZINEThere is a movement to impose "download tax" when purchasing content with iTunes store etc.I told you that this time, it became clear that the music industry is requesting to introduce "iPod Tax".

Details are as below.
UK music industry demands an iPod tax | OUT-LAW.COM

According to this article, in the UK, it is said that private reproduction that transfers the CD which it owns to the MP3 player such as iPod is not allowed. And when I tried to amend the law so that the British government allowed private reproduction, I was asked to introduce the so-called "iPod Tax" to tax the MP3 player instead of allowing private reproduction from the music industry.

By the way, in the EU (European Union) to which the UK is a member, the compensation for personal recording is added to the recording equipmentPrivate sound recording compensation compensation systemSince there are many countries that have allowed private reproduction after introducing it, it seems that the demand of the British music industry is not impossible, but we are gradually shrinking the system in view of abolition France and,Japan, which is seeking new waysConsidering that, it may not necessarily be the right choice.

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