I tried asking the railroad company whether there was plans to introduce "men's vehicle" to prevent false accusations

It occurred in Osaka's metro Midosuji line in February 2008,I will make up a company worker on the way home for a settled gold certificateIn response to the false accident of not only female-only vehicles "Male-only vehicleAlthough it is debated whether the railroad company should introduce "men's vehicle" on the telephone whether it is planned to introduce or not, I tried asking by telephone.

Details are as below.
This time I interviewed directly on the phone is a private railway in the Kansai area of ​​Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu and Nankai in addition to the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau and the JR West that manage the subway Midosuji line where a false accident case occurred. All railroad companies have introduced female-only vehicles on some routes etc.

The contents heard are as follows.

1. Is there planning to introduce 'men's vehicle' in response to the accident of molesting false accident
2. Is there a desire such as "I want you to introduce a male-only vehicle"

The answers of each company are as follows.

·Osaka City Transportation Bureau
1. No plans at the moment.
2. After the incident came, a request arrived.

·JR West Japan
1. No plans at the moment.
2. I have received several items.

·Hankyu Corporation
1. No plans at the moment.
2. Received the news, there were about 12 requests.

·Hanshin Train
1. There is nothing in particular. It is a situation not examined.
2. There were two requests in the past. However, since it arrived before the case, I think that it is not the influence of this false accident case.

·Keihan Electric Railway
1. It is not at this time.
2. Only a few cases were received on the day that some newspaper reports were reported.

·Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu)
1. There is no plan.
2. A few cases were received after the incident was discovered.

·Nankai Electric Railway
1. We do not plan to introduce it.
2. We received several such opinions. Apart from receiving this incident separately, I heard that opinions like "I want to ride comfortably" since the introduction of female-only vehicles have arrived.

Although all the railway companies requested several, it was a response that there is no plan to introduce "men-only vehicles".

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