A 12-year-old boy, arrested after being treated as a terrorist by writing its name on "DEATH NOTE"

It seems that two young boys aged 12 years in the United States were arrested by the police authorities.

The reason for being arrested, how "DEATH NOTE (DEATH NOTE)Because I wrote my name on. What is it ...?

Details are as below.
Sixth-grade boys arrested in West End over threats | GadsdenTimes.com | Gadsden Times | Gadsden, AL

According to this article, two 12-year-old boys in the United States have written names of school officials, teachers, students, and students in the note following the animation "DEATH NOTE" which made the original popular manga of Japan original . And after the note was discovered by faculty and staff, it was handed over to the investigation authorities through the principal.

Of course the boys seemed to be joking, but the investigative authorities that received the notes seemed to have appealed the boys as having a threat of terrorism, and then tried juvenile court judgment. I feel that I am overkilling, but is it that it is sensitive to terrorism by that much?

In addition, the animated version "DEATH NOTE" seems to be specified for adults in the United States because of the content that people will die when writing their name in a notebook.

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