Headline news on March 21, 2008

According to Weathernews' announcement, 90% of the cherry trees in Tokyo are expected to bloom next week. The cherry blossom growing report received from "cherry tree monitor" where 17,000 people participate nationwide has been analyzed, and cherry blossoms seem to be in a pink state which is said to be about one week until flowering at the present time. Also in Kyushu, Kinki and Tokai areas there are many places to bloom next week, and it seems that there are many places to see in early April. People who want to see cherry blossoms early may wish to leave next weekend.

So, next MondayMarch 24. In 1603 Ieyasu Tokugawa took office as Shogun Shogun, and in 1882 a bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered M. tuberculosis. Conjugologist Arai Shiraishi was born in 1657, Talent's Shingo Shimada was born in 1956, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was born in 1956.

Today's headline news.
Asahi.com: cultivating pollinosis savior 'Non-pollinating Sugi' - Living(Good news for those who are suffering from living, hay fever?)

The effect of "yogurt" supported by people with hay fever(Health, is it so effective?)

Hot water is prohibited for PET bottles! | Japanese JoongAngIlbo | Central Japan(Health, environmental hormone substances occur)

Abdominal pain coming: alfalfa mosaic(Health, sudden abdominal pain is serious)

Slashdot · Japan | Internet addiction = mental disease theory re-emerges(Health, although it is definitely sick, though ...)

Maro AA correspondence table(2 ch, Maku AA whose type is increasing every time I see it)

The train model community site "Train · Train" made by everyone(Net service, the model railroad model community site opened today)

【2ch】 Just Breaking News 【BOJ Let's Go】 Financial Institution Inspection Results Leaked Dada w [Japan Quintama Bank](Incident, information leakage from BOJ employee PC)

Saka otaku communication: "● △ ※ □ ☆ × __!" (From the eighth shout about Matsuki's commentary is too interesting)(Football, the moments when going back to fans are many)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries To Establish Commercial Passenger Plan "MRJ" Business International News: AFPBB News(Aviation, Domestic Small Jet)

Suicide at Mel Gibson House - Updating movie information everyday | Cinema Today(Entertainment, Mel Gibson possesses several houses and it seems never lived here)

Aihiko Yumezuki @ Nico Nico Movie likes gadgets and 1.5 times speed / Tech Research Institute(Internet Service, a member of that Bio _ 100% who established Dwango)

"Public Design Festival 2008 Spring" will be held (from 3/21 to 4/6) - Hatena diary diary(Net service, period until April 6)

Shishimushi - Know whether a acquaintance is doing mixi(Net service, this is scary)

US auction ends in 700 MHz band, Verizon Wireless and others make a successful bid(Mobile, not a successful bid by Google)

Au, GSM compatible "W62S" released in Okinawa(Mobile, au first GSM compatible mobile phone)

First trial of "Harada virus" author, also tells Sophos in English(Note, Harada virus was attracting attention also from abroad)

Paid distribution sales to PC for PC in 2007 Top search by Hikaru Utada, Japan Record Association(Memo, Hikaru Utada who keeps ongoing good progress since his debut)

Train model community "Train · Train". Drawing software distributed free of charge(Internet service, community site specialized for railroad model)

Study on AVR of microSD Card(Hardware, can you withstand around 5 million times?

Japan HP, 4-inch VGA LCD Windows Mobile PDA "iPAQ 212"(PDA with full mobile with mobile, large screen LCD)

SOFTBANK MOBILE: 'Stock Mobile' released on 22nd - Mainichi Shimbun (Mainichi Newspaper)(Mobile, President Mr. Masayoshi Son makes an idea)

Oshii Mamoru's latest film theater "Sky Crawlers The Sky Crawlers" appeared in Wii "Sky Crawlers (tentative title)" with video interview / Famitsu.com(Game created by "Ace Combat" production team)

"Doki Doki Witch God Premiere 2" is a bit more erotic than the previous album | Haitama Originating \ (^ o ^) /(Game, DS moves toward more and more strange directions)

The painful news (No ∀ `):" The bug is the specification of the PSP main body "PSP version" Higa Kawagawa Rika ", forced sales with buggy fullness ... to the riot on the net. Some boycottes also(game,Culdcept Saga's Dice BugIt seems that a famous place made it)

NTV, animation Continuously delivering to the Internet · Broadcasting the next day - Internet - Latest news: IT-PLUS(Anime, "RD Division Brain Research Room" distributed on the next day broadcasting)

BANDAI VISUAL USA expresses emphasis on Blu-ray launch(Anime, story in the US market)

Fun Moomin family: Theme song collection for the first time in 16 years as a request of fans - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Music, New Moomin)

impact! Anibro Gamers Ikebukuro Store 【Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Grand Open!】(Otaku, campaign held from March 25 to 27)

The book of the new sun: A masterpiece of the SF "Death Note" new work in the cover of Kobayashi Ken (Eiton Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Is it a book, a fantasy painting but will sales like "human being disqualified" increase sales?)

Asahi.com: Crisp pictures of the new Romance car at full screen - Komimi Pictures(Railway, March 15 debut Romance car MSE's high-vision photo review)

Asahi.com: Tobu Tojo Line's New Vehicle is 2 in 1 Night Special - Komimi Review(Railway, turning the crosssheet turns into a long seat)

Because my friend was Janiota, I became an emergency family meeting. : Hamster Breaking News 2(Memos, hobbies are people each)

NHK Special | Broadcast anniversary feature New movie era medium changes(TV, tonight from NHK to YouTube and overseas coverage etc will appear soon from 22 o'clock)

F speed VIP (· ω ·) y - ~ Yatter! It is! I was able to AA Akakin 's Ninja Red! It is!(The material, other members are also being made immediately)

Experience story of 'Seikan Tunnel Exploration Tour' in Hell(Travel, a popular tour filled with capacity of 120 people in no time)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: What kind of town is "Akihabara"?(Memo, Akihabara except electricity and Moe)

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