Person shoot by connecting digital camera to PENTAX 150SDP astronomical telescope made by Pentax seriously

"It is this astronomical telescope that Pentax creates a telescope seriously and thoroughly, unlike other telescopes, etc." It is said that this astronomical telescope is told that it will be about 5.1 million yen by tax inclusion Super heavy class astronomical telescope "PENTAX 150SDP". It's like a bazooka artillery.

About 4 people who own this person in Japan also exist and it is impossible to observe the life after the retirement by astronomical observation or shaking it, so we decided to set up the foundation for this telescope with concrete It is said that it is actually being used by a senior astronomical fan who transcends the domain of personal taste no longer as it constructs and installs, connects a personal computer and a telescope of his room, chases a star by remote control. Some people decompose the telescope and foundation, put them on a car, and some people went to observe up to Mt. Fuji, I feel the depth of astronomical observation.

So this time specially at Photo Imaging Expo 2008, I actually moved this astronomical telescope "PENTAX 150SDP" and actually doing something different from the original use of shooting a person with a digital camera and a super telephoto I got it. What the heck you see, the startling result is from below.
While wandering around the Pentax booth, I found something like a huge Bazooka gun

Huge huge that I do not know anything any longer. The sense of scale is strange.

Even with this viewfinder, it surpasses the telescopes around it

This is the main body. By the way this is the eyepiece section. With the naked eye it seems easy for distant things to be easy to understand at all. As expected it is an astronomical telescope. I feel like shooting and targeting the aim as a sniper.

Excluding it from the opposite direction, the eyes of the person seeing it are clearly visible and interesting

After deciding the rough position with the left viewfinder, you can see it in super telephoto state when looking at the body tube of the main body.

It looks complicated, but it can be assembled with a single hexagonal wrench.

A part of the equatorial rigidity that is rich in quality.

The balance weight for balancing is also amazing

This is the remote control part. I will move the Equatorial Mount in this way.

Finally the subject. I attach a digital camera.

Combined with this feeling

I feel like I can shoot anything

Look for the shooting target, move it with a remote controller and roll it round

Here is a movie that shows the actual movement. I worked quite smoothly and I was surprised to see it move faster than I thought.

I took a picture of a companion who is far away from Tokyo Big Sight. It looks like my eyes match, it is coincidence. Naturally it is almost impossible to sense this from your opponent at this distance.

So, what kind of quality can you shoot ... ...

Like this. It is hard to understand with this picture, but I can understand what is reflected in my eyes. It can not be compared with any of these telephoto lenses. I found that the combination of this astronomical telescope and the single lens reflex digital camera is too dangerous.

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