To disconnect the Internet to file sharing software addicts such as Winny

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, four industry associations affiliated with domestic providers are forced to connect the Internet to users who are constantly downloading and uploading illegal files using file sharing software It seems that they have agreed to disconnect them.

About the policy of this time, I have thought about what kind of circumstances this result and what kind of things are expected.

Details are below.
Illegal addicts are online disconnection, the provider industry agrees: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to this, these four organizations cover about 1,000 domestic major providers, and we plan to start preparing concrete policies, and we plan to implement them in 2008.

As a method, "Japan Music Association Copyright Protection Association JASRAC"Or"ACCS Computer Software Copyright Association"Specifies the IP address of the file sharing software user by using dedicated software and notifies the belonging provider, the provider analyzes this IP address, identifies which user and sends a warning mail and the like. If we ignore it even after sending the warning mail, we will discontinue connection for a certain period of time and withdraw from the forced termination of the contract.

According to the above method, it is already confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that it does not conflict with so-called "secrecy of communication", and furthermore, by adding the National Police Agency, we are going to crack down malicious users.

For these four organizations, in the pastRelease of Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAs you can guess from the following 4, it seems to be.

The Telecom Service Association

Association of Telecommunications Carriers (TCA)

The Japan Internet Provider Association

Japan Cable Television Federation

It is about the policy of "disconnecting the Internet to file sharing software addicts such as Winny", but this is considered to be the result of the agreement between interests of copyright organization and provider.

First of all, it is presumed that there are many damage by file sharing software, not to mention the copyright organization, and the damage amount by "Winny" is announced as follows.

Damage equivalent amount by "Winny" is 4.4 million yen for music files, 9.5 billion yen for computer software etc.,
Estimated to be about 10 billion yen in total

Regarding the provider side, it is thought that it is desirable to expel file sharing users, reduce overall traffic (transfer amount due to uploading and downloading), and suppress capital investment, which is described in the following website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications It is also listed in the PDF file.

(PDF file) Communication carrier / P2P viewed from ISP

Along with the rapid increase in traffic, the problem of facility cost which increases in an accelerating manner

○ Because P2P file sharing like Winny and the spread of free Internet VOD etc. spread, traditional network infrastructure is not able to cover information distribution.

→ Communication carriers and ISPs are required to have infinite capital investment due to explosive P2P traffic distribution.

In order to suppress capital investment, each provider already has the current state that it actively regulates communication speed as summarized in the following site.

ISP regulation information Wiki

Even so, streaming contents like YouTube and Nico Nico videos are increasing, and we have already taken out traffic by file sharing software (P2P software).

ITmedia News: YouTube popularity affects, HTTP traffic pulls P2P

Nico Nico Douga, which is considered to have a serious impact especially in Japan, has already occupied one tenth of the traffic of Japan.

"Sharing emotions", "Fighting with load" --- Nico Nico Douga's technology: ITpro

Acquiring 4 million members in less than 1 year after opening, accounting for about one tenth of Japan's traffic. Its growth rate is also higher than mixi, which is seen as the fastest in history in Japan.

Nico Nico Douga has recently becomeDeclare that TV stations remove all piracy videosIn addition to what I am doing, it seems that it takes time and effort to identify offenders without infringing on the secrets of communication, so declarations from copyright organizations like this and warnings from providers accordingly, and worst In case it is inferred that it was decided policy of withdrawal from membership.

In fact, as Mr. Kawase of the Agency for Cultural Affairs said,90% stop uploading when the Japan Recording Industry Association warns against illegal uploading usersThat's right. Continue to issue warnings anyway to shrink the user, reduce the amount of damage, and in the case of maliciousness also gain cooperation from the Metropolitan Police DepartmentCriminal punishment for copyright infringementTo imprisonment with up to 5 years or a fine of 5 million yen or lessOne penalty monarchIt is thought that it aims at the effect of.

However, as long as it can not investigate the contents of the communication whether it actually infringes or not, it is still unknown to anyone, and even if it is a method of investigation by the copyright organization, it is not published, it is actually correct , In other words whether it is definitely identifiable whether it is a malicious user who is truly habitually used or not, there is a possibility of issuing a warning against a wrong person by mistake, and only "warning" It seems to be a policy to contain with a combination technique of both "violation of the contract" not obeying the warning.

Although it is a personal experience story, a warning mail comes from a copyright organization as it is copyright infringement from a provider that belongs to files that I do not use file sharing software and do not remember downloading We have received a message saying, "On the other hand, there was recently protest from here. Because it seems that there are quite a case that it becomes quietly, so-called "punk", innocent sin, it is important to note about future development.

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