"Kodomo no Jikan" and cool stationery collaboration in Solid Theater

A female elementary school student attacks with a teacher,It will also stop broadcastingAnime that became a fuss about "Children's day"Figure stationery which can play with the character"Pure ☆ Stationary"Purei ☆ Stationery 3 (Grade)" with Kids Children "to collaborateSolid TheaterIt was exhibited at the booth.

I think that it is okay to put out such a thing, but I think that the idea itself is really wonderful. "Kokonoe rin" Pencil sharpener. Scheduled for March 2008.

It is normal to see from the side.

Where to insert a pencil.

"Utami". Scheduled for May 2008. It is a ruler that seems to hold it.

"Mirror black" I'm sorry. Scheduled for May 2008. I can not say anything if I do so far.

Yoshizaki Kannon's "OS idol Win chan" is three-dimensionalized.

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