Headline news on February 22, 2008

According to the survey of Impress R & amp; D Internet Media Research InstituteSurvey of smartphone usage trendsAccording to the survey, the utilization rate of smartphones by individual users is said to be 3%. Although the utilization rate is low, the satisfaction rate is high as 68%, the 74% for the 20s and the 80% for the 10s as the age group gets younger. People who use the mobile on the mobile are not so popular in Japan because of the high function of handy smart phones and mobile phones themselves, but what will happen in the future?

So, next MondayFebruary 25. Ebisu beer was launched in 1890, and after the end of World War II in 1977, the first mass-produced fighter F-1 roll-outed by Japan originally developed. In 1978 the movie 'Unknown encounter' was released in Japan. In addition, in addition to being born in 1841, painter Renoir who is a masterpiece of "lunch of people to play in boat" was challenged various retro games as Ario Ari of "Game Center CX", and Shinoya Arino, known as a game lover, in 1972 Was born.

Today's headline news.
Internet traffic of domestic broadband subscribers roughly 2.5 times over the past 3 years ~ MIC survey: RBB TODAY (broadband information site)(It increased about 2.5 times over the net, three years from November 2004)

US launches beta for advertisement "AdSense for Video" for video | Internet | My Mom Journal(Available only for US publishers whose advertisement, streaming playback exceeds 1 million times per month)

Asahi.com: International patent application, Matsushita by top companies, first in Japanese forces - Business(Note, 2100 applications filed)

Service started paying US Amazon in local currency - ITmedia News(Internet service, corresponding to eleven currencies including Japanese yen)

IBM, measuring the force needed to move one atom, the magnitude of the power depends greatly on the material of the surface: ITpro(IBM, information that will be useful for developing nano-sized devices)

Google releases "AdSense for video" beta - ITmedia News(IT, the width of advertising is expanding more and more)

15 wallpaper distribution site for dual monitor - DesignWalker(I'm worried about how many people are using notes, monitors)

Supported by traffic cancellation IT, signal adjustment according to traffic volume(Memo, cars to be automatically driven also planned to be developed in 2030)

Sneakers smelling juice, released from Reebok: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, I do not know who gets it)

Rollei Flex's Miniature Digital Camera, MiniDigi | Lifestyle | Exciteism(Hardware, retro design)

Bandai Gundam Model Price Increase Announcement - Aoi Model Store(Hobby, those already on sale are raised at the time of resale)

Publish reservation privilege image of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Double Oh)" that appears in Nintendo DS / Famitsu.com(Game, Original Gundam Model with Box and Benefits)

too cool! Yamato DVD's commitment privilege | Excite news(Memo, Yamato's plastic model of about 40 centimeters in length is included)

Do you sell "brain train" and "Nintendogs" overseas? (Digital Entertainment Weather Forecast): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Game, popular except in Japan)

The page of "Higurashi" for Nintendo DS opens ......!::(Game, yet no information on it yet)

Nintendo to release "Wii Fit" in Europe and America - ITmedia News(Is it took time for the game, durability test?)

【2ch】 Nikko Thread Guide: 【PS · PS2】 Hidden masterpiece software available for purchase within 1000 yen(Looking back on the old work because now the game is breaking next-generation games)

Tea Fairies: Overseas animation fans talk about "Shinigami is good or Deadgod is good" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Does language, foreign words feel cool?)

Eroge 18 years old or older recommended on PSP "Itui" released(Released as a game of UMD VIDEO game, regulation is loose)

Champion RED Festival "Can I make this a privilege for general magazines !?"(Manga, this is safe · · ·)

"International Newcomer Manga Award" Announcement of the work that passed the primary examination. - In English! Anime / Manga(Manga, works by foreign rookie cartoonists)

【2ch】 Nikkan Sled Guide: "Earpicking ..." ...(Anime, broadcast on Friday road show this evening)

"Soul Eater" / Famitsu.com which is broadcasted late-night version with evening version and enjoyment element added as the fastest broadcast(Anime, character setting picture released)

CDJournal.com - News - CD 13 set box complete with all the vocal songs of "Dragon Ball Z" released(Music, 13 songs also have songs)

Nathalie - That famous song is death metalized! Release of DMC tribute board(Music, Kahimi · Kali and Kimura Kaela etc participate)

Gravity power floor lamp: Actually functioning | WIRED VISION(Gadget, power generation by movement of weight)

"Ninja tour", popular for foreign tourists | Excite News(Memo, planned by a travel agency)

Kansai University Develops "Laugh Measuring Machine" Yoshimoto Youngsters Performer Sponchi Annex OSAKA(Memo, digitized by unit of laugh "Aha (aH)")

Come to think of why is my hands dirty? Excite News(Memo, how to use white is difficult)

CNN.co.jp: U.S. tobacco "Camel", the birth of design renewal First for the first century(Luxury goods, the design had not changed since 1913)

Stanford University, Tuition Fee of Students with Annual Household Yearly Under 11 Million Yen Free | Excite News(If school, household annual income is less than approximately 650,000 yen, dormitory room fee and meal fee are exempted)

The water charge of the house not living is 860,000 yen!? Excite News(Overseas, fee for January to February is 860,000 yen)

Annual salary of 35 million yen presented to an anesthesiologist Presentation from a medical student - Ameba News [Ameba News](Even though the annual salary is thin due to work, hard work, the reaction is thin)

Olympic Japanese team member Official sports drink new "Aquarius" birth(Diet, the amount of sodium is about 1.4 times higher than conventional)

"Cake" without cow's milk, eggs and wheat flour Chatterase - Hinamatsuri cake "Decoration without using milk and eggs and flour": Food: J-CAST mono watch(Food, how to make a company secret)

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