To make my own game playable on Xbox 360, the software lineup is over 1000

It seems that Microsoft will be able to play games created by users on Xbox 360. This is the first attempt as a home game machine, and that you can share your own game online.

Please note that this means that the lineup of game software for Xbox 360 will exceed 1000 lines.

Details are as below.
The first attempt in history as a home game machine by Xbox 360
For users all over the world, making games,
Sharing homebrew games with 10 million online users possible

According to this release, Microsoft will allow users with over 10 million users using Xbox LIVE to play games created by users, and if you allow the created games to be shared online He said he made a presentation. This means that the lineup of software will be more than 1000 by the end of 2008.

In addition, already in the United States from 24 o'clock February 24th to March 9th 24 o'clock on the limited time, Xbox LIVE marketplace for the following games created using Microsoft integrated game development environment "XNA Game Studio 2.0" It is decided to deliver via.

· JellyCar
A game made by Walaber in the USA. Something like a tricky car running around the world of the world and aiming for an exit.

· Little Gamers
2D side scroll type action game based on famous web comic "Little Gamers". Created by Loic Dansart, a 24-year-old software developer from Belgium.

· The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
A 2D action game made by Mr. James Silva of the United States, holding sweat in hand. Features distinctive stylish graphics and speedy action.

· TriLinea
A fighting board puzzle game created by Brazilian Edison S. Prata Jr., Renato Pelizzari da Silva, and Davi da Silva Prata.

· Rocket Ball
Dodgeball sensation action game created by Mr. Tyler Wanlass, Patrick Murty, and Todd Barrons of the USA. Multiplayer is possible.

· ProximityHD
A game made by Mr. Brian Cable of the United States. Simple contents that simple and clear rules are easy to understand while having elements of the strategy game surrounding the control of the field.

· Culture
Created by Hidden Path Entertainment Inc., an independent game development company. A unique game that beautifully covers stars that become stage with beautiful flowers.

Among them, will doujin games etc. be delivered in Japan as well?

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