Two employees who had released new animation in "Winny" were arrested and prosecuted and subsequently sent

Two people were arrested and prosecuted as having been flowing a large amount of new animation on the network of file sharing software "Winny", and it is said today that the Kyoto police have pursued a single copyright law violation. They areArrested creator of "Harada virus"It seems to have been arrested for suspicion of delivering animation using Winny when it was done.

Details are as below.
Current affairs dot com: Animation 5700 blooming = 4 years ago, "I want to be thankful" - posted by company employees · Kyoto prefectural police

Both of them are animation on October 14, 2007 "Kimi Kiss pure rougeAs a motive for the crime, "I could not quit when I thought that someone expects a work to be released," and "I want to thank you" It seems to be doing. The number of animated squirrels was about 5700 each and about 3,500, and it seems that they had been going for over 4 years.

The reaction at 2 ch is summarized below.

【2ch】 Daily Thread Guide: 【Winny】 5700 cartoons released 4 years ago from the Internet bulletin board "2 Channels" reputation, "I want to be thankfully" from company employees will be sent out · Kyoto Prefectural Police

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Winny】" I wanted to be appreciated ... "5700 cartoon cartoon releases, reputation unpaid by" 2channel "(35) and posted ... Kyoto Prefectural Police

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