A mass retailer emerges to replace the purchased HD DVD product with a Blu-ray product at last

The other dayToshiba officially announced the end of the HD DVD business at the end of MarchWe informed you that there were dealerships to replace HD DVD products purchased by customers with Blu - ray products.

Details are as follows.
Exchange purchased HD-DVD for Blu-ray · EDION

According to this article, EDION, a major consumer electronics retailer, decided to withdraw from HD DVD by Toshiba, exchanging Blu-ray products for HD DVD products sold at EDION group's home appliance mass retailers It seems he decided to do. This is to consider consumers as dealers by responding to the exchange.

From 1st March until the end of March, the exchange will be accepted at about 1,000 shops in the Edion Group such as Deodeo, Eiden, Midori Electric, etc. All target HD DVD products such as recorders and players. If you can confirm the purchase with the purchase history of the point card or the receipt etc., it seems to exchange it with the Blu - ray product that you want.

Whether Yodobashi Camera, Big Camera, Koenji Electric's biggest merchandisers follow up or not is not clear, but it is a good news for users who were disappointed to hear of HD DVD withdrawal.

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